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Faux Glow Spray Tan
Faux Glow Spray Tan
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  1. You should exfoliate and shave in  the bath or shower at home before your session.  Do not apply moisturizer, creams, or deodorant before your sunless session and wear dark loose clothes (preferably cotton).
  2. I recommend that you wear your own personal undergarments or bathing suit.  The tan lines are better from your own clothing since they fit properly. 
  3. Please wear your hair back or I can provide you with a desposible bonnet.
  4. Wearing make-up is optional.  Some clients do not want their face tan.  Some clients will.  Depending on the formulation of the make-up, water based make-ups allow the tan to absorb and some of the heavier make-ups provide a barrier and do not allow for the sunless solution to penetrate into the skin.  Wearing no make-up is best for the client who wants a nice tanned face.
  5. You should remove jewelry before session. . 
  6. Do not shower after your spray tan for 6-8 hours, do not get excessively hot or work out.  The tan should last about 7 days.
  7. During your first shower after your spray tan, the water will look dirty. This is the cosmetic bronzer and not your tan.
  8. Chlorine in swimming pools and hot tubs can remove or shorten the longevity of your tan.
  9. Moisturize twice a day to keep your skin hydrated. If you do not, then while your skin naturally exfoliates, it will cause your tan to appear blotchy. DO NOT USE SUN BLOCK SPRAYS OR BUG REPELLANT SPRAYS.
  10. No dull razors, waxing , loofahs shower scrunchies or anything abrasive.
  11. Avoid these items as they can strip your tan:AHA-alpha hydroxyl acid - Alcohol - Mineral Oils or Petroleum (found in drug store lotions) - Dove, Bodycology & Cruel products - Bar Soaps

You will love your Faux Glow Spray Tan!!

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